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Kamal Prem believes everyone has the right to be truly happy.

What do you believe?

Life is meant to be abundant. Do you experience this? Do you even believe this?

Many of us are raised with a different kind of believe. We are learned that life is tough, that we should work hard for our money, that we are not worthy and that we can’t have it all.


Well.. Basically. Those are lies.


Life can be an absolute gift, from beginning to end, and every single minute in between. But how?

By changing your believes. For most of us, this is not something we can do overnight. But we can gradually change our old believe system into one that is compatible with our true nature. Because you are worthy. You are beautiful. Life is a constant flow of love.


Kamal Prem can help you in living and expressing your true nature. She teaches kundalini yoga classes, coaches people one on one and has experience in organisational consultancy and natural leadership. Besides that, she’s founder and projectmanager of Pangaea Living, a creative business centre, living community and Kundalini Yoga School in Haarlem.


Maybe you lost your light inside. Maybe you just need someone who listens to you. Maybe you need a little push. Or maybe you just don’t know where to start healing. Well. All of those are perfect reasons to be coached.


You’re soul deserves attention. You take care of your physical body too, right? (and if not.. even more reason to do yoga!) Besides having a shower, cleaning your subconsciousness as well isn’t such a bad idea.

Fotografie Eelkje Colmjon. www.EELK.nl

Kamal Prem has experience in organisation consultancy, information management solutions, leadership and process analyses. Kamal Prem loves to help your organisation to get back into the flow.


A new era, time for change. The kundalini yogic lifestyle is a lifestyle in which groupconsiousness is very well appreciated as a way to uplift, heal and inspire.  Pangaea Living is a coorporation of conscious and spiritual people with the aim to build a spiritual center, living community and yogaschool in Haarlem.